Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Week 21 EPP - Dragon's Claw

It seems that all I've done this week is add a couple of rows to this piece.  Must try harder. It is flatter than it looks - the piece was scrunched up in a corner while we cleared the kitchen for a re-fit. No cooker, dishwasher or washing machine for three weeks.  Yikes!

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Week 20 EPP

Well, I got the trellis pattern square up to size.  156 pieces of this size don't add up to much - the finished block will be 12 inches square.  I've left the papers in around the edge as I am still not sure whether to join the blocks together before quilting, or try one of the many QAYG methods, or even hand quilt it or tie it.

This pattern was complex enough to keep me interested, although the proportions are slightly different from the parquet floor advert which gave me the idea.  I wouldn't mind a floor like that in my house.

Three pieces are left to increase to the right size.  The one on the right will be the easiest so I will start there.

The book in the image is a German pattern book.  On the right hand side is a chess board type pattern.  My current plan for these blocks is like that, but I was planning plain blue squares to separate the pieced blocks.  Now I am wondering about white or off white.  Dithering as usual.  

When America wakes up I will join Jessica's Monday link at Life Under Quilts.  Last week I met Pamela who I met online through Jessica's blog.  Pamela is an American living in Japan, who does all sorts of crafts, especially embroidery.  She was over here on a visit so we had a cup of tea at Hampton Court. How English! It was great fun to meet Pamela, who is the first person I've met in real life through blogging. 

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pets on Quilts Show 2014 - Muppet

To be fair to both our cats I thought I should also enter Muppet in the cats on quilts category of the competition over at Lilypad Quilting.  But I missed the boat, as the competition has now closed for entries.  Never mind.  There will never be enough cats on the internet so I'm posting these anyway.

Muppet is usually such a neat cat, who always folds up her paws tidily.  Unlike her sister Fuzz, who sprawls everywhere.  

But last week she was overcome by Liberty.  Or maybe it was the heat. We will never know.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Week 19 EPP - Trellis Pattern

Not much to report this week.  Miss Ted is on holiday, so a relief inspector looked at my efforts to upsize this piece which, in spite of another week's work, has still not reached 12 inches square. 

Miss Ted will not be best pleased if I have not finished this and started another when she gets back next week.  Better get on with it then...

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Week 18 EPP - Virtual Quilt

This is my plan:

As you can see it's a screen shot of a spreadsheet - there's no quilting software in the Blue Moth house!  Rough and ready, but it's good enough.  The scale is wrong and in the image I've duplicated some of the all-over EPP blocks.  In the real quilt they will all be different.  I had to cheat because I haven't made the EPP blocks big enough yet!  In fact, the piece which began this saga is not there, because it needs at least a week's work.  

Some sewing has been done though.  I made the octagon piece bigger.  Here's Miss Ted using it as a garden quilt in the evening sunshine. She's even taken off her cardigan, but not the socks. Never the socks.

I'm still working on making the other blocks up to 12 inches square. Next week I will carry on doing that. I am looking forward to finishing that stage so I can start joining some of the blocks together.  

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Pets on Quilts Show 2014

Lily Pad Quilting is hosting the annual Pets on Quilts Show.  It's great fun!

Fuzz deliberated long and hard before settling on this Liberty and Oakshott quilt for her entry in the Cats on Quilts category.

Both Fuzz and Muppet are cultured cats who appreciate the finer things in life, in spite of their humble beginnings at Battersea Dogs Home.  Given the choice, they will always go for Liberty Lawn.  If the quilt is on a human chair, so much the better.

Fuzz and Muppet send their best regards to Padsworth and Snoodles.  Do go and look at the other entries - there are dogs, all sorts - last year there was even a hedgehog.  Here's the link back to the Pets on Quilts Show.