Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Another Liberty Quilt - reversible.

Last week I finished my second Liberty quilt in a month. This one includes some of the more unusual dark fabrics which many people would not associate with Liberty.  It is a mix of four patch and sixteen patch blocks, which make an unexpected secondary pattern.

The back is made from the same fabrics.  The dark one here is Susannah, which is also shown in the pink in the bottom left quarter.  

The small squares finish at 2½ inches and the whole quilt is 60 inches square.

I think I'll slow down a bit now.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Moorish Patterns in EPP - Update

I'm working on a new EPP pattern to go with the other Arabic style patterns that have been pinned to the wall here. This one is based on a pattern from Kharraqan in western Iran. It's a two colour tesselation. I had to split each shape into three for the EPP.

The fabrics are Oakshotts.  It may not show up too well, but there are three different blues and two different whites.  I wanted them to look like tiles with slightly different glazes.  

But it is not too extravagant; I bought a bundle of fat eighths when they were on offer.  If you work small you can get a lot of fun for your money.  Less than a round of G&Ts in a London bar.  

I like to have an EPP project in the summer when I can work outside.

 Not a bad workspace, is it?

Decided to use thread basting instead of glue because there are so many seams joining in one place.  I find it easier to make the (technical term coming) little flappy bits sit right. The squares you can see on the paper shapes are 1 cm.

The fabric is running out and I've no idea which colours they were and if they are still available.  

So maybe I will stop soon and join all the pieces together. Somehow.  

If you want to see the patterns go here.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Liberty Ninepatch

I finished the Liberty Nine Patch.  If you could only feel how soft and silky it is.   It is 100% Liberty Tana Lawn, binding, backing and every last piece. 

It was made from a sample book (you can read how I got hold of that here) and any scrap in my stash which was big enough to cut 4 or 5 2½ inch squares.

The sample book was very useful as it included lots of unusual darks which were great for contrast.  Beautiful as Liberty is, I find it can look fuzzy from a distance if there isn't enough contrast. 

It's big - 72 inches by 84 inches.  I had intended it to be bigger but the sample book was running out.

Oddly I seem to have more fabric left than before - partly because through posting pictures on Instagram I was commissioned to make another Liberty quilt by a friend of a friend.  She requested pink with contrasting darks.  So I had to buy more, naturally. I'm piecing the back of that one now.

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