Monday, 3 August 2015

Late to the Feast

Three things made me start this project:

  • a kind Instagram friend sent me a pack of templates for the Passacaglia quilt
  • I'd just finished another EPP project
  • Clare who blogs and Instagrams as @selfsewn started one, so it would have been rude not to, right?

Is an interesting pattern because its based on pentagons which don't tesselate easily.   The pattern for the whole quilt, from Willyne Hammerstein's book Millefiore Quilts is a huge undertaking and would require a massive investment of time and fabric.  Although the original in the book is not fussy-cut, the pattern is ideal for fussy-cutting and that means lots of waste.  

I'm not contemplating the whole quilt.  At the moment I'm going slowly, enjoying the process, stitching in the garden with its not too windy. Clare @selfsewn and I are using the hashtag #alittlepassacaglia

 Here's a rather dark image of the finished Oakshott mini quilt from the previous post.  It seems that once I've finished as EPP project I have to start another.

Linking with Jessica at Life Under Quilts.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Nine Stars - some EPP with curves.

I've been working on a small piece made from shot cotton.  The above pic is from the back against the light, so you can see all the gaps I've left!  Each block is 6 inches square.

 Oakshott did an offer for their sample packs and I got my hands on the Lakes pack - lovely blues with a bit of green and purple.  It was fun squeezing the pieces out of a five inch square.  I used every scrap.  The white and brown pieces were from stash.

I used my usual method of drawing on a piece of Incompetech graph paper - this one is on Polar graph paper.  I found the best way to get round the complex curves was to cut the seam allowance really fine and let it stretch. Easy with a closely woven fabric.

I wish you could see the colours.  About to finish it off with some hand quilting.

In haste so I can link up with Life Under Quilts -and WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.