Monday, 25 April 2016

Alhambra Star

This might be my longest ever work in progress. I first blogged about it in early 2015.  Just before Christmas I saw this Owen Jones canvas for sale in John Lewis:

I can do that, I thought.  So I started making another piece.

This one is based on a 3/4 inch equilateral triangle, chopped up in various ways.  The scale is rather small, but I have to keep it similar to the other pieces.

I think I may stop after this one and start joining up, but I'm not promising anything.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Circle in a square EPP

I'm calling this block circle in a square but its proper name is unknown to me.  I'm sure I didn't invent it!

I drew the pattern on to graph paper and numbered the pieces before cutting them out - that helps me to keep everything more of less lined up.

The fabrics are genuine vintage - they come from an amazing Australian online store called A Piece of Cloth and I believe they are sources from the USA.    So diffferent to work with - the colours are so vibrant.  Many of the fabrics were glazed so a bit hard to get the needle through - otherwise I had no problems .

At the moment I am hand quilting this - rather inexpertly - but practice makes perfect!