Monday, 20 October 2014

Liberty Coin Purse

I wanted one of these.
They are very good quality leather. But I didn't want to pay £195. Could I make one out of fabric?

Here's the inside.

Of course the prototype had to be blue.  And it had to be Liberty Lawn. 

The construction caused me several headaches. While I was making it I had a few ideas on how I could have constructed it differently.  I don't usually make two of anything but this might be the exception.

Here's my first effort:

 There is so much wrong. 
  • the outer zip looks ragged - I had to unpick it twice.  It's still uneven.
  • the inner zip does not work properly - I used a cheap one that I had on hand.
  • I could not get my stitches close enough to the edge around the curves even using a zipper foot.
  • The bottom credit card slot is too shallow.
I have a new respect for anyone who can make this type of thing successfully.  Maybe that Liberty purse is actually worth £195?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Week 28 EPP - more stars

 I decided I didn't like the huge contrast between the pieced blocks and the plain blocks... I made some stars

Hmm.  One diamond spare.  Never could count.

...and I've pinned some of them on.
I think I like it better this way.