Monday, 2 November 2015

Keeping the record straight

Just a quick update.  Still trying to use up the Liberty stash but each project seems to require just a little but more that I don't happen to have. There is not much to say about the one-rosette version of La Passacaglia - I just keep going.  Round and round. It's now about 25 inches across.  No idea what it is or if it will be useful. Which worries my puritan soul. Linking up at Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday.

As an antidote, I made something quick and useful yesterday.  I used Pink Chalk Fabrics pattern for the double fold, and used some of my favourite Liberty Lawns.  The main fabric is called Phillipa Zebra.  At least I bought it years ago from Ebay as that.  You can also see Growing Fonder, Mitsi, Phillip Clay and Jonathan.  Those last two came recently from Very Berry Handmade's Etsy shop.  Yes, every project needs more fabric.  

It's a very quick project using exactly half a meter (two panels, 9 inches by 54 inches which is the Liberty wof).  Luxuriously soft and surprisingly warm.  I think I might need one in every colour.