Monday, 26 May 2014

Monday Morning Progress Week 8

We're back inside this week.  Today is another Bank Holiday (we have two in May in the UK - hooray!) but the weather has been very unsettled.  

The idea for week's piece (piece 6) came from the front door of my neighbours, Joan and Phil.  They have a lovely original Victorian door with leaded lights.   Ideas can come from all over the place - brickwork, books, magazines, Pinterest and of course from blogs. Sometimes it's hard to remember where a particular idea came from - it could have been seething around in my brain for years. 

Looks a bit busy, doesn't it?  I might have to tone it down a bit by using large expanses of solids if this is to be part of a quilt.  We'll see.

Sensible Miss Ted has not yet ventured out into the garden and has not  taken her winter socks off.  Maybe next week you will see her summer wardrobe.

Linking up once more with Life Under Quilts - there are 57 pieces here to add to the 315 making 372 in all.  Still way behind some of the talented EPP devotees who join in this link party who are in to the thousands....

Monday, 19 May 2014

Monday Morning Progress Week 7

The sun has finally come out and the light was perfect in the garden for hand sewing.

I made some progress with my fifth piece - I was hoping I would see more of a 3D effect but perhaps that will come out when (if) the piece gets bigger.

I took advantage of the sun and a piece of handy trellis for this image of all five pieces - the latest one is at the top. For Jessica's Life Under Quilts Monday Count I have counted the total number of pieces so far - 315. Thank you Jessica for keeping us all going through your link up.

It's getting to the time when I have to decide what, if anything, this will turn in to.  The options I've thought of are:

1.   I could make three more pieces and then increase the size of each piece so that is is roughly a square, join them together and make a small nine patch quilt around a medallion. High guilt factor - no one needs another quilt around here.

2.  Wall Art.  I have never been sure what wall art is. Is it different from proper art? or floor art?  But if this happens it will mean it is of no practical use.  

3.  Bag or bags.  But I already have bags.

4.  Storage buckets to contain the overflow of my fabric addiction.  High guilt factor.

5.  Cat quilts.  The cats already have quilts .

6.  Make something, anything, and give it to charity. But I expect they would rather have the money I spent on fabric and some of my time.

7.  Stop now and put the whole lot away until a better idea comes along.  Get back to knitting. Miss Ted needs more socks.

At the moment I'm favouring carrying on with making these small pieces into squares, as it mean putting off a decision for several weeks.  Possibly the whole summer!

If you've read this far, let me know what you would do.

Lily's Quilts

Monday, 12 May 2014

Monday Morning Progress Week 6

This unappetising pile of pieces is all I have to show for the week - I must have been distracted by other things.  I did acquire this pretty set of metal hexagon trays from ebay so I've put them to good use in an attempt to control the clutter.  I had been stalking these designer jobs for a while but they cost an arm and a leg (and another leg) so I was delighted to find these on Ebay for only £17.60.  

I hope to have a more productive week next week.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Monday Morning Progress Week 5

Miss Ted takes charge of my fourth piece.

This pattern gave me more trouble than any of the other three.  I could not get my head round how the pieces fitted together, and which of the two different lattice shapes went where.  The piece above is my second effort - I ditched the first one after realising that the measurements were wrong and it would not fit with last week's piece.

This time it will fit - phew.

You can clearly see my stitches in this close up.  Its is hard to decide what colour to use when there is such a high contrast.  My usual choice is a murky grey, but that did not work with the low volume fabrics.

There are 59 pieces to add to the count, making a total of 239 for Life Under Quilts' Monday morning linky.

Today everyone in the UK has a day off - the first Monday in May. As the sun is out, everyone will be going bonkers with a rusty BBQ in flip flops and Hawaiian shirts.  If I take Miss Ted into the garden she will keep her socks on - it is a chilly 12 degrees Celsius out there.