Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Liberty Hexagon Pincushion

It's finished!  Fuzz decided it was hers as soon as it was stuffed and started going at it with her claws:

Apols for blurry action shot.  Let me assure you that there were no pins in the cushion at this stage.

Here are a couple of progress pics.  The top and bottom were machine quilted.  If I made another one I would also quilt the sides as Liberty Lawn is so fine.  The tiny hexagon templates were printed out from this website.  I started in the middle and worked outwards until the piece was big enough (about 6 inches across - big enough not to get buried under fabric).  Here's the back with the paper templates still in. 
The back of the patchwork top.

After quilting and sewing together.  The side was a strip 2 inches wide.

This is the underside - the fabric is Speckle

The cushion is stuffed with leftover bits of batting at the moment as I have not yet got my hands on the crushed walnut shells.

Thanks once again to Frances at Fabadashery for the inspiration.


  1. This cushion is so fantastic. Your work is wonderful.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
    Greetings Grit from Germany

  2. What a beautiful cushion this turned out to be...I have never used liberty fabrics, but these are just beautiful...congrats on a great finish.

  3. This is such a lovely pincushion - make sure your cat doesn't shred it! I had great trouble sourcing crushed walnut shells for pincushions too and so ended up using a combination of scraps, stuffing and little plastic scented beads that I got off ebay. I never did find anywhere that sold the walnut shells. Love the Liberty - I have been resisting for ages but finally succumbed and bought some from etsy.

  4. Thanks for the shout out. Love the way you have kept the hexagon shape

  5. It's lovely, I hope it survived the cat cuddles!

  6. So cute! Love the little button in the center!

  7. That's my very rare ivory-inlaid ebony occasional table you're using as a background. Am I seeing a prop hire payment here in my hot little hand? I think not. I think not. I work for lawyers, you know.

  8. What can I say.......just fabulous. Love Liberty. Thanks for sharing. Marie (

  9. Oh my all those hours of work in that tiny pin cushion, put it up high so it doesn't end up as a kitty play toy :0). It is just lovely and I bet you loved handling all those silky Liberty fabrics in the process too.

    Happy Sewing


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