Wednesday, 19 February 2014

WIP Wednesday

These shot cottons have less weight than the fabric usually sold for quilting.  The seams are puckering.   It does not seem to want to lie flat.  At the moment I don't like my giant log cabin block very much.

It also looks dingy (rather than subtle, which is what I going for), but I'm blaming the weather for that.

It needs to get bigger.  Perhaps I will like it again later on. Determined to finish this before starting something else.


  1. It looks great. I bet it will quilt up flat as a pancake for you. You could try reversing the color values for the last few rounds. Then the quilt will look like a giant spool with a patterned center. Doodle it on paper and see what you think. i think the colors are wonderful but i have a soft spot for green of any shade. Finishing when you are discouraged takes a heaping dose of discipline. Good for you!!!!

  2. Would spray starch help with the puckering? I like the greens too :)


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