Monday, 26 May 2014

Monday Morning Progress Week 8

We're back inside this week.  Today is another Bank Holiday (we have two in May in the UK - hooray!) but the weather has been very unsettled.  

The idea for week's piece (piece 6) came from the front door of my neighbours, Joan and Phil.  They have a lovely original Victorian door with leaded lights.   Ideas can come from all over the place - brickwork, books, magazines, Pinterest and of course from blogs. Sometimes it's hard to remember where a particular idea came from - it could have been seething around in my brain for years. 

Looks a bit busy, doesn't it?  I might have to tone it down a bit by using large expanses of solids if this is to be part of a quilt.  We'll see.

Sensible Miss Ted has not yet ventured out into the garden and has not  taken her winter socks off.  Maybe next week you will see her summer wardrobe.

Linking up once more with Life Under Quilts - there are 57 pieces here to add to the 315 making 372 in all.  Still way behind some of the talented EPP devotees who join in this link party who are in to the thousands....


  1. I love the look of this piece, doesn't look busy to me at all!

  2. I'm liking this piece--I don't think I've seen these shapes before, very different in a good way. I also don't think they're too busy-looking.

  3. It looks great but the pieces are very tiny, aren't they?

  4. I love the unique-ness of this! I also do not think that it's too busy. Maybe it would seem less so to you if you went with a solid for the light or even just a tone on tone. (I wouldn't change a thing!) I hope to see the finished quilt. Thank you for sharing your idea ;)


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