Monday, 1 September 2014

Week 22 EPP - Leaded Light or Kansas Dugout

Looking back at my first blog post on 14 April about this project, I see that even then I recognised that it might take a while.  I finally got the piece I started with to the right size. 

This pattern is seen quite often in old leaded light windows like this one.

It is better known in US quilting circles as Kansas Dugout.  You can do it on the machine, but it is fiddly and involves partial seams which I've never tried to master.

Here's the hot mess on the back, with pieces of the graph paper still visible.  Some of those indigo fabrics are quite thick - I did have some trouble getting the needle through, but no trouble getting it through my finger.

Only one more piece to upsize now, before I retreat from the garden and return to the sewing machine to sew the blocks together.    Not bad timing, as there is a chill in the air.  Summer's lease....

For Monday's Count at Life Under Quilts, this 12.5 inch block has 210 pieces.  With any luck I will have finished the last block next week:  if I get that far I will count up the grand total.


  1. Wow. The work is so fine...210 pieces in 12.5 inches. You must have so much patience. I love the fabrics you used in this piece.

  2. Your work is fantastic as always. Love the window.

  3. This looks stunning! But I have to admit, I thought all the way your blocks where bigger, good you but the scissors next to it :) Now I really see why it is so much work! You do a great job!

  4. This is going to be so pretty! I can't wait to see how you sew them together.

  5. I really love the pattern! And it's impressive how tiny the pieces are... I too look forward to seeing the finished whole.

  6. So much lovely work . I am really impressed with the colour combinations and amazed at the small scale of much of your pieces. Love the series of red white and blue pieces. I can see you are making good use of time freed up by nit working! Keep it have inspired me to get going again and maybe, just maybe, do dome hand sewing! Jenny.

  7. I love seeing your epp progress. Using graph paper is a brilliant idea. I have cut copy paper, multiple layers at once, but graph paper is perfect for a project like this.


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