Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Liberty Lawns and the Book

For some time now I have been keeping scraps of Liberty Lawn in a little book.  I love these detailed colourful prints and I like to remember the name of my favourites.  Recently I noticed that I had got to page 100 of my little book and the pages are fast running out.

It's surprising to think that all of these prints have come into my hands, one way or another, over the years.  

Now a decision has to be made.  What do I do when the pages run out?  Start volume 2?  Or bite the bullet and start again with a bigger book?

In the current book, the pieces have just been stuck in at random.  If I went for a new book, I could alphabetise them.  I have an old A to Z book which might be too big but it has great vintage appeal.  

I will do nothing for a while.  I like procrastinating and keeping all the options open.  Once a decision has been made you can't go back.  


  1. High five me on the procrastinating making a creative decision. I know exactly what you mean. In fact, the pondering part is one of the best parts of creating. There is something wonderful about your first volume because it is like an archive with pieces added over time, oldest to newest. It would be a pity to lose that but perhaps you could still number them somehow if they moved into the very fabulous, alphabetized book. I really, really like your first volumes hand writing too. Hmmm, maybe a volume two would be good. Tough decision alright.

  2. What about old fashioned index cards (if you can still get them)? You could hunt out a set of vintage filing drawers for them.


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