Friday, 16 August 2013

Liberty Hexagon Quilt

The quilt on this postcard was not on display at the Fashion and Textile Museum's recent Kaffe Fassett exhibition.  But we caught sight of it hanging on the wall in a teaching room where a session was going on.  I spent some time trying to find out which of Kaffe's books it was in. 

I thought I could use some Liberty Lawn for this.  I wanted to use the same fabric for all the triangles in the design, so I chose one of my favourites - Cranford, designed by Grayson Perry for Liberty in 2010. Good job I already had some as you can't get hold of this one easily now.  It is the second one from the bottom in this shoe box of liberty lawns.

Later I did find out that the quilt is called My Fair Lady and the designer is Brandon Mably, not Kaffe Fassett. By the time I tracked it down I had worked out my own pattern.  Brandon Mably's design, as it turned out, was done with strips sewn together then cut into triangles which are then pieced into hexagons. Mine was done with a central hexagon with log cabin style strips around.  This was better suited for some of the large scale prints I wanted to use.  The hexagons to 8 inches and added the triangle pieces.  Here are the rows ready to be sewn together.

The quilting is straight line echo around the hexagons.  This brings out the star shapes quite well. 

It went OK with the walking foot until the last few lines of quilting where things started to slide around a bit.  I realised afterwards that the screw holding in my walking foot had worked loose and the foot was about to drop off.  I must admit that I did not go back and unpick the puckered bits and actually they don't show up too much.  Was cross with myself at the time though. Note to self: check that the screw is tight every now and then when using the walking foot.


  1. Even if it is puckered (which I can't see from here), it's still beautiful!

  2. Beautiful quilt - I like the size of the hexagons, they really show off the fabrics.


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