Thursday, 8 August 2013

Typo Bag

I could not resist this funky typewriter fabric while I was visiting Tikki Patchwork.  I had an orange portable when I went off to university in 1972 - just like this one.  How things have moved on.  We are now calling these machines "vintage".

 I also bought this pouch pattern (you can get it online here ). 

 I did not have a plan, but I am thinking about my next large project so I needed something to get on with.  I also wanted to try Paula Doyle's method for piecing smallish squares.  The typewriter fabric would do for the lower striped section, and I found I already had some ice cream coloured solids for the squared section.

Paula Doyle's book Mini Mosaic Quilts has a printed grid which you use to position your squares on lightweight interfacing - this worked rather well although cutting the interfacing and opening up the seams was a bit fidly. And my seams were off - less than 1/4 inch - so the pieced section ended up bigger than the typewriter section.

Here's the finished pouch.  And I still have a bit left from the FQ for another project - might be good for a vintage v.modern iPad case.


  1. Love how your pouch turned out! Look really good with the vintage typewriter material.


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