Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Red Geese

Red is not my favourite colour and you won't see a lot of red on this blog. But I love red and white in a quilt.  I'm also fond of the traditional flying geese pattern.  Fabadashery's red and white Nearly Insane Quilt has been fun to follow, and I enjoyed reading the saga of her Red and White pinwheel quilt which, I am pleased to say, had a happy ending. 

Although no one around here actually "needs" another quilt,  a visit to my local quilt shop tipped me over the edge.  I came back with 8 fat quarters in reds, cream and white.

Cutting and piecing has commenced.  I am using the "no waste" method of making four flying geese at once.  I would love to meet the genius who came up with this idea. 

My geese finish at 5 inches by 2.5 inches so a useful size quilt will need 15 columns and about 25 rows. Does that really make 375 flying geese?  That's a lot of geese to make and trim. I might make is smaller.  But the cats don't need another quilt either.

Next, to consider layout. There seem to be about a million options.  Well, there will be time to think about that while making 375 geese....

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