Friday, 7 March 2014

Echino Cargo Duffle Bag

Noodlehead is rightly famous for her bag patterns.  Although I like to design my own, this one tempted me.  After last week's expensive project, this is a free pattern and I had most of the stuff I needed in stock.  The pattern called for one yard of the main fabric but I managed to use only half a yard. Perhaps this Echino fabric is wider than normal. 

As fabric was in short supply I only added one pocket.

This leather popper thingy was bought from U-handbag a while ago.  She still has them, in lots of colours.  As I did not use a contrast fabric for the pocket, I thought it would help to make the pocket more visible.

Another modification was the zip tabs I put in at each end of the zip.  

Here is the lining showing the patch pocket. If you have good eyes you will see a few cat hairs.

Here is the guilty cat.  Does she care?  

TGIFF Friday!


  1. What a beautiful bag. I love the fabrics you have used and the leather popper strap on the pocket is a great idea.

  2. Such a beautiful bag! Love the fabric and the popper strap. I have a couple of Noodlehead patterns as her bags always look just right - roomy without being enormous. You should be very proud of your lovely bag!

  3. It's gorgeous! Makes me wish I was a better bag maker so I could try it myself...

    1. Thank you! I've looked at your lovely blog and I'm sure you could do this pattern.

  4. It's lovely and from your stash even better !

  5. Echino just looks great on bags. Yours is no exception :-) Well done!


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