Friday, 18 April 2014

Manchester Blues

I bought a pack of indigo blue fabrics from the African Fabric Shop, a UK based supplier.  She has some lovely fabrics including batiks, shweshwe and wax prints.

These fabrics were apparently made in Manchester (UK) until the sixties or seventies, after which production moved to South Africa.  I love the gloriously dark indigo colour and the strong geometrics.

They come thick with starch and like cardboard.  Lots of dye comes out when you pre-wash.  Mine are now hanging on the line and will be used to supplement the blues in my EPP project.  I have some blue on my hands and I notice some of it is transferring on to the keyboard, so I think I may give them a second wash just to be on the safe side.

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  1. Wow! These seem right up my alley. I'm going right now to check out this shop. Thanks for the heads up about pre-washing though. Seriously love the richness of their colours. Did they fade much after washing?

  2. These are delicious. Love!

  3. That colour is amazing... I'm always lamenting how hard it is to find really great deep, dark blues, but those are wonderful.

  4. Really moody blues I love them...I wonder if it will take a few washes like new jeans to stop the colour leeching?
    Maybe some salt might set the colour better like when dying a fabric?


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