Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Graphic Plus Quilt from Two Jelly Rolls

This reversible lap quilt was made with just two jelly rolls.  My materials were Moda Bella Solids Jelly Rolls in black and porcelain.

I did not want the crosses to be too chunky so I cut the jelly roll strips in the contrast colour in half (1.25 inches) and sewed them into strips with an uncut strip of the background colour on both sides.

I cut this strip into 2.5 inch sections, and sewed another half strip to one edge to make the middle of the cross.

Then I stitched on another 2.5 inch piece to create the cross block.

The blocks were then trimmed to 4.75 inches.

And then sashing strips to join the blocks straight from the jelly roll, followed by more sashing to join the whole thing together.  My quilt was a bit longer than the width of fabric, so I had to join jelly roll strips for the joining sections.

It was a bit close, but I had a few strips left after making 56 blocks for each side for a 7 by 8 quilt.   There was not enough black left for the binding, so I used a ready made bias tape.  This was useful when it came to getting round the curved corners. 

And now for a nice cup of tea and a sit down.


  1. I love this quilt. Looks absolutely fantastic.

  2. Oh my goodness. A truly reversible quilt. How wonderful. The rounded corners are the perfect contrast to all those straight lines. Great idea! You deserve a whole pot of tea.

  3. Your choice of thin crosses look fabulous ... And reversible, WOW!

  4. absolutely gorgeous. this is a timeless winner!

  5. So cool to make this particular pattern reversible. Just perfect!

  6. Love this quilt. So clean and modern looking!!

  7. That is fab! Love it. You created such a nice quilt.

  8. I'm on a cross/plus binge at the moment and I think this one is amazeaballs!!


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