Monday, 7 July 2014

Week 14 EPP - Pentagons

Regular pentagons do not fit together by themselves.  You have to use other shapes to fit them together. 
To make this piece I used an enlarged photocopy from this Dover book...

...and cut out the section I wanted.  I could not be sure that the photocopy was not distorted, so I numbered the pieces and sewed the shapes together in order, starting from the middle.

Here it is part completed shown from the back.  

After I had completed the middle section the shape reminded me so much of the English tudor rose.

The appliqué is slightly wonky - I will have to fix that when I trim the blocks.

I'm still working on enlarging the other pieces and I have three more star shapes to make before I have enough for a 5 ft square quilt.  Now up to 753 pieces overall - I expect I will make 1000 for the finished quilt.  Linking up for the Monday Morning Start Count at Life Under Quilts.


  1. The block looks great.

    Greetings, Manuela

  2. your blocks and posts are like beautiful geometry lessons. fascinating.

  3. Your EPP is awesome! I love it. The colours look great too!

  4. Wow! Love your block and and the details of your planning. Simply amazing!

  5. The pattern is so interesting!

  6. OK, I am taking all the credit for this. I am Blue Moth's OH (yes, I'm male, my ID .... well, it's a long story) and I reinforced her when it was about time to retire, but now it seems I have given her to the world of sewing. Well, as long as I can borrow her back occasionally, you're welcome.

  7. Your white petaled flower is so beautiful. Stunning.

  8. Das ist ja ein tolles Muster, der Block sieht so schön aus.

    LG Uta


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