Sunday, 27 July 2014

Week 17 EPP - Pennsylvania Dutch Magic

Picture books are a great "read" when I'm tired or can't concentrate. This book has been around the house for decades - I bought it when there was a vogue for painting furniture back in the eighties. Remember Jocasta Innes, anyone?  It's a Dover book and like all their publications the images in it are copyright free. 

My attention was caught because the circular motifs are called hex symbols - although it's apparently nothing to do with hexagons, but rather some kind of folk-magic talisman.  Anyhow I thought my project needed another circle shape  - so much the better if it comes with a little magic.  And coffee.  Lots.

I put this together in the same way as the last one - using polar graph paper.  Here's the finished block:

There are 41 pieces in this seven inch circle.  It might be quite dramatic as a really huge single block quilt - certainly it would be easier to handle. I now have the five star / pentagon / medallion blocks I need for my layout.   Next week I should really concentrate on up-sizing my other EPP pieces to a 12 inch block.

Thank you for your comments on the birthday cake - who knows, I may have this project finished by this blog's second birthday.

My total pieces so far add up to 864.  I'm linking up with the Monday Morning Star Count at Life Under Quilts, and at the Small Blog Meet at Lily's Quilts

          Dark blues - both Sevenberry, not sure of names.
          Pale grey - Botanics - Leaves
          Pale Solid - Moda Bella - Porcelain
          Red - Riley Blake - Sasparilla


  1. These blocks are really, really looking lovely.

  2. All your blocks are looking great.

    Greetings, Manuela

  3. Your work is so inspiring, someday I have to try these round shapes!

  4. Lovely work! Makes me think of what other kind of EPP I can do other than hexies!

  5. Awesome work! Those blocks are beautiful, I can't wait to see the finished project!

  6. Wow. These are just so lovely. I am jealous of your skills!

  7. these are just beautiful! your blocks are always so wonderful...

  8. Your beautiful and intricate blocks show just how versatile EPP is! I'm so glad to have come to see your eye candy via Hexie Weekend. Thanks for linking. I hope to see you there again.

  9. I'm doing a lot of gasping when I look at your blog. Wow!!!!!!!!

  10. I remember Jocasta Innes, I always thought it was such a pretty name. Your blocks look amazing.

  11. Hello! I've come to you through Lily's Quilts today. Wow is all I can say to your amazing piecing. I struggle doing hexagons, so I'm not sure I will be doing these patterns any time soon but I'll definitely be visiting again soon.

  12. Wow, those blocks are fantastic. I also like the little faces peeking through the fabric in your header. I found you through Lily's Quilts.


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