Monday, 20 October 2014

Liberty Coin Purse

I wanted one of these.
They are very good quality leather. But I didn't want to pay £195. Could I make one out of fabric?

Here's the inside.

Of course the prototype had to be blue.  And it had to be Liberty Lawn. 

The construction caused me several headaches. While I was making it I had a few ideas on how I could have constructed it differently.  I don't usually make two of anything but this might be the exception.

Here's my first effort:

 There is so much wrong. 
  • the outer zip looks ragged - I had to unpick it twice.  It's still uneven.
  • the inner zip does not work properly - I used a cheap one that I had on hand.
  • I could not get my stitches close enough to the edge around the curves even using a zipper foot.
  • The bottom credit card slot is too shallow.
I have a new respect for anyone who can make this type of thing successfully.  Maybe that Liberty purse is actually worth £195?


  1. I admire your attempt, it's quite small and precise - maybe next time perfect?

  2. I really might have to make me one of those.

  3. There is so much right! Cool fabric choice and way to knock out an excellent copy!

  4. It looks amazing for a first attempt. the next one will be perfect.


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