Monday, 13 October 2014

Week 28 EPP - more stars

 I decided I didn't like the huge contrast between the pieced blocks and the plain blocks... I made some stars

Hmm.  One diamond spare.  Never could count.

...and I've pinned some of them on.
I think I like it better this way.


  1. The idea with the stars is great.

    Greetings, Manuela

  2. I think the stars are a great addition!

  3. Wow!! Gives new meaning to the expression 'oh my stars!' Looks absolutely stunning. You are on the right track with adding stars.

  4. It does look better with the stars. Awesome.

  5. The stars definitely brighten the expanses of blue.
    I wonder what you have planned for the quilting ...A lot can be done with that to unify the whole and to really highlight the center area with all those amazing pieced circle stars!
    Love this project!! N thanks for sharing your progress!

  6. Those low volume stars remind me of some I made....

  7. How did I miss this?!! I am stunned, and in love. Absolutely amazing. I'm glad I got to watch as you pieced on this journey. sorry I missed out on the last few weeks. I'll find the time soon to go back and read about each stitch. xo


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