Monday, 23 February 2015

Lattice pattern from Cairo in EPP

"This postcard from Egypt has been knocking around the house for years.  So I am not sure why now was the right time to tackle the pattern on the right in EPP.  

On metric graph paper and it seemed about the right scale so I thought I'd do a small sample piece.  Here it is pinned to the wall so perhaps you can get an idea of the scale from the pins.  The smallest piece is 1cm square. 

The fabrics are all shot cottons, which makes like easier when doing small piecing.  I had a lot of blues to I decided to use them all,  hoping it would give the effect of mosaics or tiles.  

Just after starting this I got a Sewline glue pen.  Glue basting is certainly quicker than traditional basting but I am not sure how easy it will be to remove the paper pieces.

It's good fun trying to work out how to construct a pattern from an image.  EPP was probably the only possible method, at least on this scale.  

There are so many of these fascinating patterns on floors, walls and in books.  I might have to wait a while before I can look at this one, though...

..thanks, Muppet.

If you are on Instagram you might have seen Muppet's paws before. Sorry for the paws overload.
As it's a WIP I'm linking up at Freshly Pieced..


  1. Are you going to join it to Alhambra and make a trip round the world?! These pieces of yours are beautiful.

  2. What a fantastic idea, even muppet thinks so! It is going to be stunning x

  3. I'm amazed by the patterns you come up with and the tiny pieces! You are an artist!

  4. Pretty. I can see a bit of log cabin there. Lovely cat helper you have!

  5. Oh goodness!! How wondrous. I felt such a rush of nostalgia when I saw that pattern. It must remind me of something from childhood days. What a wonderful piece!!!!!!!

  6. I feel you live an exotic life. Especially through your e.p.p.

  7. I think you are right - EPP would be the only sensible way to go. It looks beautiful! I am sure whatever is under Muppet's feet and arse is also a brilliant idea.

  8. I was drawn to your blog by the pic on WIP - it just jumped out - lots of impact, those blocks. Then I realized how small they are,omg !
    I can't imagine doing something that small :) love where your inspiration came from and that you included that.
    Colleen @

  9. Oh, my! In the thumbnail on the linkup, this looked like a large, modern quilt. I am blown away by the tiny scale. Beautiful work!

  10. Oh how small! Love the layout, it looks just like a very complicated tile floor.


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