Thursday, 17 October 2013

Liberty London Eye

Once again I'm trying to use up some of the Liberty hoard without adding to the pile of finished items that no one wants.  In this project I did manage to use up some of those tiny scraps. (It's against the law to throw them away, right?)

The iris part of the eye is made from 36 tana lawns (not all different, I admit).  I used a paper foundation which I drew in four sections using a protractor and each wedge is 10 degrees.  The paper I used was too thick - I found this out when attempting to remove it - that process almost took longer that the machine sewing.  Much cursing was involved - and tweezers.

  • The fabrics I used are:
  • Pupil and background:  Liberty Tana Lawn Hibiscus
  • The iris:  More liberty - Glenjade, Pepper, Adelaja, Ianthe, Theberton, Willow Rose, Speckle, Lord Paisley, Millie, Darnley, Lillian's Berries and a few more, some design names unknown to me.
  • The white part of the eye is Jugendstil .

For the back of the cushion I used Layla and Richard.  I bought half a yard of this when it came out (last year?)  I love the retro feel and the London skyline in this one.

For the quilting, I just did a few lines radiating out on the top half of the eye.

The sun just came out so I rushed out but it went in again before I could take a good photo.....  That might be the story for the next few months.  Horrible to think that the clocks go back for winter BST at the end of the month.

Linking up with Crazy Mom for finish it up Friday, and with Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day .


  1. This looks simply awesome.
    Greetings Grit

  2. Sew effective, umm foundation paper lots of bad language been used on that! Looks great though. Patchwork Dreamer

  3. How cool - and I'm so impressed you used such small scraps... I always save them, but I'll never make anything this great! :)

  4. So cool! Great idea, and boy, does it make you look while it's sitting on the bench!

  5. Wow...that is amazing! A great use of all those precious pieces of fabric!

  6. What a fabulous eyedea. I love the way quilters make all sorts of great things. I love the fabrics too.

  7. Pretty cool! Those Liberty fabrics are so beautiful!


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